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Be one of the first companies, convenience, or liquor stores in the Southern California area to let us help your lotto players see 'What's Next'  in Lotto with our easy-to-use Lottery Retail Prediction Kiosk Subscriptions debuting beta testing in September of 2023.

Lotto Players in the Southern California area will now be the first to try out our easy-to-use Draw Pattern Predictions and Number Generation. With local access to our interactive touchscreen display devices located at lottery retailer's. Making it even easier for players to choose lottery number combinations within draw patterns that are 'Most Due' when purchasing a lotto ticket.

Our Kiosk Predictions Website URL will also be available to players outside of convenience store locations around the world for use on smartphones and smart pad devices.

Advertising on our Kiosk

Reach local customers for your particle niche within your area with our unique Kiosk design that will allow you to target specific regions and locations precisely on our standalone Kiosk touchscreen displays, bringing added value to your company.

We Aim for You to Help Your Players Win the Lottery...

Beta Testing New Prediction Program In Progress

Learn how we make our Draw Pattern prediction ratings

Database Kiosk Prediction Files are updated by 12 noon the following day

Link unavailable to use from a Kiosk Device

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Lotto Draw Pattern Predictions and Number Generation Programs created by the Tinkermen Lotto Report are for educational purposes in order to teach lotto players about Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics. All rights reserved without explicit permission by the Tinkermen Lotto Report © 2023

The Tinkermen Lotto Report is not associated nor has any affiliation with any Lottery.

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