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Prediction Statistics
Probability Ratings Compiler Formula

Our current Draw Pattern Prediction Statistics for all six major lotteries collectively since August 3rd, 2021.
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This Statistics Spreadsheet Chart is rendered for a 15 " Kiosk device and will not translate to good resolution on a mobile device.


Our Draw Pattern Prediction Probability Ratings 'Most Due' list is based on our own unique mathematical compiler formula.

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The Tinkermen Lotto Report is a small startup company still in its development phase and is not affiliated with any US Lottery.


Predictions should not be taken as an absolute 100% accurate prediction methodology or guaranteed outcome when purchasing lotto tickets as it can take extended periods of time for Draw Patterns to be drawn.  Comparing the accuracy of our predictions with your quick-pick tickets can be insightful.


We use a complex derivative calculation analysis of 6 different statistical variables that can each be found in our Extended Lotto Subscription Reports on our main website.

The compiler formula compares each Draw Patterns empirical math and actual draw rates, the total times it was drawn, the number of days it was last drawn, the average number of days between draws, and the number of days past due its average number of days drawn to give us an output derivative rating.


We then extrapolate that output derivative rating into something that can be quantified as a chance percentage 'Most Due' probability estimate for each Draw Pattern in comparison to the other Draw Patterns that we make predictions for and then put them in a list by ascending order.

Some lotteries have much higher percentage ratings than other lotteries because of the sum value of all of the different variables taken into account collectively, with some lotteries having much higher percentage ratings mostly due to the number of days past due.

From our main website's Predictions Page, you can also view all of our prediction result statistics to see how well our mathematical predictions have performed over time which began on August 2nd, 2021. 


We only select between 23% to 43% of all available Draw Patterns from a lotteries structure model to make actual predictions for a given lottery, out of the total number of draw patterns to begin with, so many other draw patterns will come up periodically as well.

Mega Millions

choose from our 22 predictions

out of a possible 92 draw patterns


choose from our 22 predictions

out of a possible 92 draw patterns

Lotto America

choose from our 22 predictions

out of a possible 68 draw patterns

Lucky for Life

choose from our 21 predictions

out of a possible 51 draw patterns

California Super Lotto 

choose from our 21 predictions

out of a possible 51 draw patterns

Euro Millions

choose from our 20 predictions

out of a possible 51 draw patterns

Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics Reports and Number Generation Programs created by the Tinkermen Lotto Report are for educational purposes in order to teach lotto players about Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics.


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